a new kind of bikini

a new kind of bikini

Traveling abroad usually involves witnessing new sorts of swimwear, or lack thereof.  In Barcelona, I learned about the two types of bikinis.  The new type: a sandwich.

Every country seems to have their own version of a ham and cheese sandwich.  In Italy, you can get a toast, a grilled sandwich of prosciutto and processed cheese.  In Barcelona, there’s a bikini, which is essentially the same thing, a grilled ham and cheese.

R. and I had our last lunch at an excellent tapas spot in Eixample, Barcelona: Tapac 24.  Among the dishes we ordered was a truffle bikini.  We had a great time there because the menu was printed on paper bags, in a nice font.  Also, the food was good.

The bikini

Ham, cheese, and truffle shavings on two crispy pieces of toast.

It was easily our favorite tapa of the afternoon, and could be recreated at home… provided the home has an abundant supply of truffles.