My name is Jessica. I am a freelance photographer & videographer living, working and eating throughout New York, Boston and beyond.

Please check out my portfolio here. I would love to hear from you.

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  1. HopNob
    HopNob at ·

    I love J.L. and for sharing her miraculous delicacies.

  2. Susan
    Susan at ·

    I’m hungry!! Hungry for more of your photos & musings!

  3. Irwina
    Irwina at ·

    just a fabulous idea–i have already tried two of the dishes, and one is better than the other. please continue in this manner–i find the photos motivate me to cook the dish–just a great combination of the visual, the literary and the food! bravo!!

  4. Josh
    Josh at ·

    Those are the best categories on a blog ever. I’m hungry.

  5. REL
    REL at ·

    Cool concept, fine feasting, vivid colors – nature always hooks it up. Reminds me off cooking with an Argentinian friend. But even more so makes me think of moms eastern European pastries, its all in the dough.

  6. irwina
    irwina at ·

    fantastic!! are you available for free lance projects? i am the owner of an upscale restaurant, and your work is so much better than the slug i hired to do my menus and decor. please advise.

  7. irwina
    irwina at ·

    just a note to thank you for the wonderful photos you shot for our menus; we continue to get tons of positive feedback from your photo’s and designs. we will surely hire you again once our menu’s need revision.



  8. Lizzy
    Lizzy at ·

    look at you getting freelance work! Jess- I love LOVE your photos, think they are amazing. You need to teach me how to take better food photos!

  9. Karla
    Karla at ·

    I am a foodie too! Your pictures are amazing. Presentation is everything, you make it all look delicious! Nice work…

  10. Martha Stewart
    Martha Stewart at ·

    have you seen life alive in central? you would do well to give it a visit.

  11. Rosana
    Rosana at ·

    Your blog is d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s !

    Beautiful, smart, perfect. Love it!


    Kisses from Brazil,


  12. John C.
    John C. at ·

    Love your work; artistic, beautiful and most important captivating. Your association with food is inspireing.

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