aura restaurant

aura restaurant

What a pleasant surprise to stumble upon Aura, hidden in the Seaport Hotel. Past the tanned summer visitors waited a delightful summer menu.

Summer melon salad with lime, Thai chili, and sweet basil seed.

Everything was so beautiful, my camera started doing cartwheels. And I learned something, too: how to make basil seeds. All you do is soak them in water, and you get the above gelatinous-looking eyes. In the most attractive way possible. For more information, please see this article.

Tempura Maryland soft-shell crab with watermelon, fried green chilies, pea greens and sesame-ginger emulsion.

Obviously, my stomach was not disappointed either. Combining two of my summer favorites, soft-shell + watermelon, had me seeing July fireworks again.

Thanks again to Rachel Klein for her innovative, breathtaking menu.

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