bethany beach

bethany beach

Davidson Exotic Mushrooms sets up shop with gorgeous portabellas, shiitakes, criminis and oysters.

Beautiful oriental and Asiatic lilies, as well as ready-to-plant lily bulb stubs from Rainbow Farm, hang awaiting their new owners.

Hudson’s Produce offers heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and free range brown chicken eggs.

For such a small market, it sure was abuzz with (family-friendly) foot traffic. So much so that the end-of-summer Delaware peaches from Bennett Orchards sold out long before close!

Each bag ($5) holds about six peaches and weighs two to three pounds. The orchards also provides freezing directions for maximum peachy keen happiness in future seasons.

Like most markets, Bethany Beach receives help from community volunteers and local growers. Learn more about community events, visit the town museum, and pick up a quirky-cute tote bag with a donation.

The folks at Honeybee Lake Apiaries sure know how to work that honey. You’ll find honey cupcakes, honey granola, honey banana bread, honey zucchini bread…

and honeycomb candles and ornaments! Talk about no-waste facilities.

Finally, Lavender Fields is the place to stock up on handmade lavender soaps, insect repellent, and beeswax candles galore.

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