fajita friday

fajita friday

In honor of T.’s recent birthday, we kicked off the weekend with a Fajita Friday.  T. herself began by prepping limes for a garnish.

Prepping Limes

The birthday girl

She then chopped some onion and bell pepper and sautéed the lot in canola oil, adding a dash of cayenne pepper.

Prepping onions

Prepped veggies

We broke in M. & H.’s new George Foreman grill with some chicken breast marinated in World Harbors Mexican Style Fajita Sauce & Marinade.

Grilled chicken

What would complete our Mexican feast better than a ripe avocado?


Why, some Goya Spanish Rice, freshly shredded cheddar cheese, TJs white corn, Ortega salsa, and sour cream, of course.

Fajita Friday

Delicious and nutritious.