My favorite yoga studio, goodyoga, recently hosted a four-course vegetarian feast before its chef left for three months in India. Moti’s Last Supper was too delicately thoughtful and different not to share, for how often do I get to eat Thali-Mediterranean food?

Not often enough.

The first course: Cauliflower couscous and fennel pesto with scallions, roasted red peppers, eggplant, and zucchini. In this dish, the term “couscous” is more of an adjective than a definition: it’s not couscous, but it is wondrously flavorful. Here’s a similar recipe.

The second course: Spinach salad with kohlrabi, beets, and raw peas with pistachio-ginger dressing. A wildly generous portion of crunchy greens.

The third course: Beet steak with sauteed onions, fried egg, spicy feta, and yaprax (kurdish stuffed onions). Sure, the color palette’s slightly strange, but it’s nevertheless a great plate for composing oozing, drippy forkfuls.

Dessert: Red wine drunken pear with pomegranate whipped cream. Such a simple, warm, and delicious January dessert.

Bon voyage, Moti (and Kathryn)! We eagerly await your return.