A common quick fix for the yawns is an unhealthy dose of sugar. Meet the ultimate weekend brunch: Gourdough’s. Can’t go wrong with Big. Fat. Donuts.

The Gourdough’s trailer drew quite the crowd for Sunday brunch. And the menu was just insane. The first five menu items:

  • Mother Clucker, fried chicken strip with honey butter
  • Flying Pig, bacon with maple syrup icing
  • Miss Shortcake, cream cheese icing with fresh cut strawberries
  • Slow Burn, habanero pepper jelly with cream cheese topping
  • Porkey’s, Canadian bacon, cream cheese & jalapeno jelly

They also have Dublin Dr. Pepper, made with real sugar.

Everything’s bigger in Texas. Did you know a donut could require a knife & fork?

J. with her Son of a Peach. Peach filling, cinnamon, sugar & cake mix topping.

C. gladly finished his Flying Pig, bacon with maple syrup icing.

The Cherry Bombs, glazed cherry-topped holes, cinnamon, sugar & cake mix topping. It was a sad moment in my life when I realized I could not finish them all.

So many good choices, so much sugar. Next time, I’m bringing more water.

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