hot doug's

hot doug’s

How long is too long to wait in line for food? Fifteen minutes can pass most by with a grumble, but ninety can really set the amateurs quaking in their flip flops.

On the bright side, there is plenty of time to debate over the menu. There’s also plenty of time to bulk up your order due to never wanting to wait in line again.

At Chicago’s Hot Doug’s, waiting an hour and a half in humidity for a hot dog is typical. Lines start even before the small shop opens at 10:30am, and go especially long on Fridays & Saturdays, the days of the duckfat fries.

The duckfat fries were lovely and greasy, but they were not as crispy as possible. Perhaps the humidity was at fault.

Celebrity Sausage of the day: the Horace Speed.

While my marathon line wait was trying at times, this puppy was worth every sweaty minute. Cherry and apple pork sausage with sweet curry mustard, cocoa cardonia cheese & vodka-infused dried fruit. I want to bold every single word in the description. Love at first bite.

Caribbean goat sausage with spicy prickly pear creme fraiche, roasted plantains and delice du jura cheese.

We decided to order this second dog after about sixty minutes in the hot sun. The selling point: roasted plantains. It was decent, but the gamey Caribbean goat didn’t really do it for me like the Horace Speed did.

Before braving the heat or bitter cold, bring a water bottle, and entertainment. Otherwise, you will be stuck eavesdropping on your neighbors’ high jinks. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

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