Ever had ice cream made with liquid nitrogen?

I have. And it was spectacular.

Chicago’s very own iCream cafe invites its patrons to compose their own ice cream creations. It’s as if Coldstone and Pinkberry had a hybrid, futuristic child, who lived in Wicker Park and wore Goorin Brothers hats.

First, select a base. Choices include regular ice cream, organic, reduced fat, soymilk, non-fat yogurt, or sorbet.

Second, add flavors & mix-ins. Third, to astound your friends with a bit of magical wizardry, add food coloring.

As your treat mixes up, watch the mixer become engulfed in tendrils of smoke. Do not question this. Trust in iCream.

Simply accept your treat, say thank you, and walk away. Don’t forget a spoon.

My iCream: key lime pie. Nonfat yogurt + lime flavor + cream cheese + graham cracker crumbs. No food coloring.