jbird outtakes

jbird outtakes

Bartender Jason Littrell at JBird.

Last week, Maggie & I investigated some new cocktails at JBird in NYC. You can find the recipes on Serious Drinks, but in the meantime, enjoy some outtakes from our shoot.

The JBird Swizzle (rum plus assorted syrups) in the foreground, Jason & Maggie in the background. Smiles all around. If you look closely, you should spot the Everyman Afterall and Sadie Hawkins Sling. Plus a corner of one more…

Doesn’t Jason look darling with the Sadie Hawkins Sling? The amount of bourbon alone (plus pear brandy, and apricot liqueur) is more than enough to share between two. As the name implies, choose a partner wisely.

We enjoyed walking through the long, ominous hallway en route to the elevator. As they say, half the fun is getting there.

For more photos and cocktails, please see Drink This: 5 New Cocktails from JBird in NYC on Serious Drinks.