Magical Beans

Magical Beans

Afternoon snacks should put the swagger back into your salty-savory-sweet step. My fondness for sugar means my current snack of choice is New York Chocolate Espresso Beans ($7.75) from Dean & Deluca. But don’t think of these as candy—they’re potent jolts of caffeine and aren’t too sweet.

Each handful contains shiny beans of a beautiful chocolate-hued rainbow: white, caramel, speckled egg, and dark velvety chocolate. Their outer layers hint at the varying primary chocolates (milk, white, or dark), but the taste is like magic when crunched in conjunction with their Arabica bean centers. The secret: the fat chocolate jackets also include finely ground coffee. These are a great way to get your caffeine fix. After five you’ll be buzzed; after ten, slightly jittery. And still itching for one more bean.

Disclaimer: this bag won’t last long on your desk. It disappeared within hours at SE World HQ, although there were several hands involved in its demise.

Dean & Deluca 560 Broadway, New York NY 10012

Excerpted from the Afternoon Snack column on Serious Eats: New York.