maroni cuisine

maroni cuisine

What do sprawling beaches, designer handbags, fancy cars, and amazing meatballs have in common?

Grandma Maroni’s meatballs, also available by the potful.

Thanks to Maroni Cuisine, a small restaurant in Northport,
they all call Long Island home.

A stunning plate of carpaccio arrived within seconds of our seating.

The narrow dining room gets packed most nights for Chef Mike’s tasting dinners, which can include up to 25 courses.

Truffled grilled cheese.

There is no menu, and Mike often decides some courses that same day.

Homemade pasta with wild boar.

We recently had a “small” dinner there: fourteen courses.

Wonderful lemon sole.

These are some of the best.

Perfect little sliders.

Rich, buttery lobster bisque, served in espresso cups.

Caviar with creme fraiche on homemade potato chips.

Tacos with lobster salad and pig’s ear tortillas.

Soft, velvety oxtail.

Assorted desserts include homemade chocolate ice cream bars, creme brulee, and frozen dark chocolate.

Needless to say, arrive hungry. The espresso’s pretty darn good, too.