paletas y helados

paletas y helados

A cacahuate paleta de crema (peanut creamsicle) was one of my favorite things I ate in Veracruz. Rich, creamy, nutty and flaky, yet still light.

Los dos Polos, a five-minute walk from the Coatepec market, has a wonderfully overwhelming selection of flavors. This photo made me realize that I missed out on camote con piña (sweet potato with pineapple), malvavisco (marshmallow), and platano. Ah well, next time . . .

Cafe, higo con mezcal, y mango.

Jean, Julie and I tried three flavors. We thought the coffee went nicely with the fig with mezcal, while the mango was better solo.

Los dos Polos, Miguel Lerdo 69, Coatepec, Veracruz.