spacca napoli

spacca napoli

Smoked salmon, heavy cream, mascarpone, mozzarella and arugula are all you need to make Salmone Pizza à la Spacca Napoli. (Plus some pizza dough.)

First, whip up a panna cucina. Since it’s no longer available stateside, Spacca Napoli’s Padrone Jonathan Goldsmith came up with this homemade version of equal parts mascarpone and heavy whipping cream.

Next, roll out the dough into a personal-sized pizza.

Draw on a few wiggly circles of panna cucina, and add fior di latte mozzarella.

Cook in a 500 degree oven. Remove once the cheese has melted and the crust puffs into a lovely golden brown, about 10 minutes.

Place the slices of smoked salmon down first, covering most of the pie. Leave a few gaps to simultaneously show off the creamy cheese layer beneath and also provide necessary “breathing room.” Top with a liberal handful of arugula. Bottoms up!

Find the full recipe here on Slice.

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