the cheese board

the cheese board

Berkeley is home to many.  Many hippies, many scholars, many Michaels*.  And many cheeses.

One “winter” morning, M. and A. took me to The Cheese Board, the famed coop located in the Gourmet Ghetto of Berkeley.  I felt a little guilty for not buying copious amounts of bread and cheese.

However, we did indulge in a sourdough cheese roll.  It reminded me slightly of pizza.  I know the ingredients are not identical, but the point: it was good.

We also sampled an almond olallieberry scone.  I had never heard of an olallieberry before, but I was pleased to meet it.  It is one of those newfangled crossed berries, the product of blackberries, raspberries, youngberries, loganberries, and dewberries.

We sat in front of The Cheese Board for as long as we could muster not sharing our treats with A.  Then, we left and continued our walking tour of the Gourmet Ghetto.

Ava, Berkeley 2010.

*Pollan, Chabon, etc…