The Wayland

The Wayland

Behind the scenes at The Wayland cocktail menu photo shoot: we didn’t drink that much.

First up on Jason Mendenhall’s menu: a ginger-kale margarita. I had to restrain myself from including chef-partner Robert Ceraso’s grandmother’s scale (on left) in every shot.

This flip, complete with homemade sour cherry jam, gave the perfect pop of color in front of the ivories. So many great outtakes must include creaky pianos.

I had fun styling the Winter Migration, aka artfully dumping the sage leaves out of a glass Ball jar. However, Maria might have cringed at my lack of youthful sage on standby.
Ps – get a look at that spectacular table.

The afternoon’s themes: natural light, great textures, and fresh accents.

And of course, great drinks. I have a feeling I’ll be back soon.

Last two cocktails: the Barton Hallow (with basil) and the San Fran Spout (above).

Check out the entire drink menu on SE: Drinks.