torta di cioccolato

torta di cioccolato

Since it is Friday, let’s indulge in some chocolate . . . and a trip across the globe.

We begin in a kitchen in the Veneto region of Italy.

Under the sink are two trash cans: one for degradable items, the other for garbage.  There is also a bin under the counter for cardboard and paper recyclables.  The whole town operates on such a commendable system.

Back to the kitchen.  We will measure our ingredients in grams (grammi), on a scale.  Our host mother will make us write down the recipe in Italian, for posterity.

The cake will be so good that we will forget to photograph it once it has cooled.  The only photograph we will have is this one.

Is sugar consumption enjoyment improved when in close vicinity to fruit? Or is it solely our perception that’s improved?

Either way, even the batter looks good.

Torta di cioccolato

  • Recipe coming soon, in both Italian and in English.

Buon week-end!