Winter Memories

Winter Memories

When the sunshine becomes familiar again, we exhale heavily. Not soon enough, it surely seems. But how quickly Spring forgets the successes of grey Winter…

For our dining room table has never seated as many warm bodies as it has during this past winter’s fete. Sharing stories. Sitting around a table with friends. Eating winter foods.

For the carnivores: duck, roasted with spices, garlic, and warmth.

Flickering candles and good music. Laughs spurned on by shadowy, lazy evenings. Sometimes it’s okay to use paper plates.

And the Swedish meatballs! Made by our hostess, whose heritage raised her on salty licorice rather than sugary m&ms.

Potatoes cooked in duck fat held their crunch and sated us in a way that was appropriately January.

And for the ducks themselves… well, we wished there were more than two. Always leave them wanting more?

Without cold, warmth goes unappreciated.
Happy Spring.